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A Decentralized Bounty Solution Market that enhances your portfolio.

Bounty Solution Market

Motivate the crowds to help by offering rewards. Earn money and reputation by solving problems.

Rewards in real money

Problems looking for serious and pin-point solutions are listed with offers in cryptocurrency on DeVita. Problem solver will be rewarded for providing solutions. The whole process is controlled by smart contracts on blockchain to ensure funds are kept and released according to the preset rules.

Problems could be....
  • Any suggested itineraries for my first trip to Japan ?
  • Please help me debug my code and tell me how to solve it
  • Would someone recommend an interior design and execute it?
  • I'm hungry! Can someone help me to order a couple of pizzas...
Wisdom of Crowds

Vote for Solutions

Host of problem can allow public voting to all solutions submitted for choice reference and benefit from crowd knowledge. Voters will also be rewarded if either their choice has gain majority agreement or the host agreed with the majority vote.

If the host cannot judge which solution is better, or simply wish to hear from others before choosing an answer, allowing crowd voting by splitting a portion of rewards to voters and their choice would be a good option.
Instead of upvoting a solution, some voters can also downvote an irrelevant answer to make sure every responses are helpful and constructive for the host problem.
Sometimes bias over a particular solution will happen which hinders the best answer to be rewarded. The host and majority voters can choose different solutions to balance the situation.
Proof of Expertise

Decentralize your Portfolio

DeVita is also trying to change the way how modern CV presents. By verifying your real life portfolio through performing certain levels of reference check, the "Proof of Expertise" smart contract can store and reference your job experience and professional skills with your wallet address and passphrase. No pain in organizing your CV before interviews anymore.

Nevertheless, each paid solution on DeVita bounty market is like completing a mini job which should count as a proof of your knowledge and proficiency. We will record your contributions on the blockchain for later reference, and can be organized into your portfolio if you need them.

News and Updates

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